Musical Projects Archive

Here you can listen to MP3s from some of Anthony’s past musical projects.

The Anything Trio (Demo Recordings)

  1. The Moonshine Medley
  2. Take The A Train
  3. Shiv’r’n Variations
  4. Shout

These recordings of Anthony Moser and Lanson Wells come courtesy of Rick Gizzi.

  1. Kim’s Theme
  2. Dreams of love
  3. Backwoods
  4. Waldo’s Theme
  5. Guitar Suite I – Ascension
  6. Guitar Suite II – Blue Ways
  7. Guitar Suite III – What I Want
  8. Guitar Suite IV – Welcome to the World
  9. Trevor’s Meltdown

The Lie of a Pipe Dream
You can also download the entire discography of The Lie of a Pipe Dream (Ben Johnson, Quinn Kukor, Jason Mlcoch, Anthony Moser, Tristan Murphy)
Recorded by Anthony Moser.

  1. Nothing To See Here
  2. Sharing Your Robot
  3. On the necessity of the sneaking up and killing of things (of which this is but a single example)
  4. Test II
  5. Burning River
  6. Bitter Old Man

Songs For Robots, By Robots

  1. Your Cheating Bot
  2. Purple Robots
  3. Just a Closer Walk With Them
  4. Prisoner of Robots