One Percent

This is a new song I wrote and recorded this year called One Percent. The following recording was made at the Chicago Recording Company’s Spotlight Session in June 2011. It features Marty Sammon on keys, Pat Seals on drums, Nik Skilnik on bass, and of course Anthony Moser on guitar / vocals. This live recording was later mixed by Antony Ablan.

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One Percent – A boogie about the super rich (new mix) by anthonymoser

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Here are the lyrics:

ONE PERCENT by Anthony Moser

Ninety nine percent don’t have the gold you pay the rent
You’re working hard you’re getting stiffed
I ain’t no chump you catch my drift
You know you just got to be that one percent

Ninety nine percent why can’t you save what I have spent
Why can’t you straighten what I’ve bent
Why can’t you cover what I’ve lent
You know you just got to spot me that one percent

Heavy is the wealthy head that wears the golden crown
You don’t know how hard it is to keep you people down

One has got to win some ninety-nine has got to lose
One percent can keep the money
ninety-nine can pay the dues
You just got to be that one percent

You and everybody that you know
and everyone you’ve ever met
all put together still won’t make a dent
You just got to be that one percent