Rootstime review

Dutch music site has posted a review of Transhuman Blues (in Dutch, of course.) Here are some of the highlights, courtesy of Google Translate and reviewer Antoine Légat.

” You hear folk, jazz, funk, cabaret, sometimes more or less simultaneously.”

“…the minimalist, repetitive and somewhat ominous “Transhuman Blues’ therefore has a prewar country blues sound, dismantled, deboned.”

“‘Blue Darkness’ is pure blues deconstruction with striking voices.”

“Het is vooral een teken van leven van een merkwaardige artiest wiens loopbaan we met meer dan gemiddelde interesse zullen volgen.”

“Transhuman Blues’ is a remarkable album: the more you’re listening to the more they are ghosts in your head.”

They also have been playing tracks from the album on their online radio station, which streams live here: